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Project Description

A tool, written in C#, for importing a Visual SourceSafe database into Subversion (SVN) while maintaining the complete file history.

A good writeup on what VssMigrate is and does and how to get up and running was written by Nathan / devSolo @

This Version:

  • Changeset 16890 Resolves the individual VSS-checkins to atomic SVN commits via the approximate timestamp. We hope to promote this to a release version soon, but feel free to try, as people have been having good luck with it.
  • Written in C# using .NET 3.5
  • Utilizes SharpSvn and VSS Interop.
  • Preserves the username and revision datetime via direct editing of the revprops folder in the SVN repository. This requires direct file system access to the SVN repository and is not a recommended practice, but it works quite well and does not require editing the system clock or matching any usernames/passwords
  • Removes all VSS bindings and related files during the import
  • use VSS2005 for best results
  • support for tags

The original project was started by Doug and ported to C# by Tim Erickson.

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